Scouts For Sustainability at Everton Scout Camp

While Scouting youth are already known for leading environmental and social causes to benefit the world around them, Scouts Canada’s new Scouts for Sustainability program is taking our impact to the next level by aligning our existing Canadian Path program with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

The 3 Objectives are - A More Generous Society - Fairer Communities - A Healthier Planet

Everton Scout Camp is a perfect place to explore your world where all species are thriving, create a world where we all work together to make a difference and where we have a world with new ideas and innovations.

Want to work on a Camp Project?  

Sustainability Projects at Everton Scout Camp

Adirondacks and Tent Sites:


Things that Fly:

Things that grow in the ground:

Our Water:

Help your neighbour: