Everton Scout Camp is a volunteer operated camp. Nothing would be possible without our volunteers and committee members. Any resources for our volunteers can be found here. If you are interested in volunteering or want to do a work weekend with your group please Contact us

Groups wishing to volunteer at Camp will be given free tenting, or Adirondacks for their stay. After three separate work weekends, Groups will receive a discount code for a future facility booking.

Volunteer Screening

Any person that volunteers or is on the property must follow the Scouts Canada screening procedure.

All Scouts Canada members should have a copy of their medical form/ physical fitness forms on their person while at a Scouts Canada Event. These can be downloaded from MyScouts

All non Scouts Canada members are required to complete the following documents:

Please send all completed documents to screeningeverton@gmail.com

Volunteer Check in

All volunteers attending Everton Scout Camp outside of an event are required to check in online.