Klondike Winter Kamp 

Klondike Winter Kamp

January 10-12, 2025

A weekend long experience covering many of the Winter Outdoor Adventure Skills. Meals, and cabins included in registration.

What is included in cost?

Registration is closed for 2024, see you next year!

A Winter camp for Cubs, Scouts, Guides, Pathfinders 

Cost: $40 per person (first 2 Scouters/Guiders are free) - includes meals , indoor cabins per section, event crest and Winter Programming

Gates open/Drop off: 6:30pm January 12, pick up at 11:00am January 14.

Bring: your own dishes, mugs, camp chairs, sleds/toboggans with Helmet and personal equipment (personal items and bedding). 

Dress for the weather - dress to be outside

Want to come for just Saturday?  Sign up for the Winter Wonderland Activities and Campfire. Winter Wonderland and Campfire

Event Rules and FAQ's: Event Rules and FAQ's 

Packing List: All Season Packing List                               

Pre Camp and Cabin Discussion Sheets: Outdoor Information for all Campers   

Pre Camp Discussion to have with your group before coming to camp:  Before Camp Training 

Klondike Kamp Winter Kamp ERP/Safety:  Klondike Kamp ERP 

Everton ERP/Safety Information: Everton Scout Camp ERP 


Grand River Lodge:

First Time Winter Camping - Guides/Young Pathfinders (Sleeps - 28)

Lion's Lair:

First Time Winter Camping - Cubs/young Scouts(Sleeps - 28)

Lion's Lodge/Adirondack/Field: 

Those who want to try being outside but not sure - Older Cubs/Younger Scouts  (Cabin sleeps - 24 youth plus 7 leaders)

Cliff Cabin:

Those who have Winter Camped before and want to sleep outside in own tent and have the cabin for warming station - older Scouts/Venturers (Cabin sleeps 10 and 2 Scouters)


Older Pathfinders/Rangers who want more of a rustic winter camping experience and try to sleep outside in own tent (Sleeps 10)


Scouts and Pathfinders who want to experience outdoor sleeping Adventure.  Adirondacks sleep from 5 - 7 campers, many Adirondack choices available


Mug Ups: hot chocolate, water, crystals, tea, pop corn/gingerbread/muffins - in cabin food bins

Snacks: Granola bars and cookies - in cabin food bins

Saturday Breakfast:   Pancakes, turkey sausages, juice, syrup, water, tea (cook in your cabin)

Saturday Lunch:  Hot dog roast (roast over fire), vegetable soup (bring mug or bowl), water, hot chocolate, coffee, tea

Saturday Dinner:  Tin Foil Dinners (hamburger, potatoes, carrots, spices) and baked apples (cored apples, brown sugar, cinnamon), water, hot chocolate, juice crystals - in cabin coolers (cook in your cabin or campfire circle)

Sunday Breakfast:  Instant oatmeal, fruit, raisons, juice, tea, hot choc, milk - in cabin food bins (cook in your cabin)

*Always available in the cabins - water, pots to heat water, hot chocolate powder, herbal tea (food bins)


Winter Outdoor Adventure Skills and Winter FUN!

OAS Criteria: OAS Criteria Covered 

Event Map: Event Map 

OAS Criteria Check List: OAS Check List  



6:30pm Gates open - Scout Entrance for Drop off, Cub Entrance Parking Lot for overnight parking

7:00pm Camp Master/Ranger trailer shuttle available if needed

8:00pm Evening programming in your cabin - bring cards and board games

8:30pm Mug up in your cabin

10:00pm Registration and Scouter's meeting at Activity Shelter


7:00am Wake up and get ready for the day

8:00am Breakfast at Lion's Lodge (breakfast schedule will be handed out at registration) Bring your mess kit.

9:30am Opening and Flag Break - Lion's Lodge flag pole

10:00am Morning Activities - shelter building, snow shoeing, Winter OAS activities, etc

12:00pm Lunch at Activity Pavilion (bring your mess kit)

Prepare tin foil dinners at Lion's Lodge kitchen -  **take back to coolers at your cabin**.

1:30pm Afternoon Activities - tobogganing, winter hike, snow shoeing, shelter building, Winter OAS activities, etc

5:00pm Dinner at Activity Pavilion - Cooking fire's located at Lion's Lair (for groups staying in Grand River and Lion's Lair) and Scout Campfire Circle (for groups staying in Lion's Lodge, Heasley Hut, Cliff Cabin and tenting/Adirondack).  Eat outside or in your cabin.

6:30pm  Camp Fire - Lion's Lodge field

8:00pm Hot Chocolate and snack at Activity Pavilion for Day Campers

8:00pm Back to cabins for the night and mug up - Weekend Campers


7:00am Wake Up and Pack self

8:00am Breakfast in your own Cabin

9:30am Closing - Lion's Lodge Flag Pole

10:00am Clean Cabins

11:00am Pick up - both parking lots